We are very excited by the rapid advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and the high hopes that it will be an instrumental and transformative catalyst for realising precision medicine and global health democratisation."

  • Vision and Mission


We strive to collate and curate massive, unique data resources and to develop novel, deep, frontier analytics in protecting global public health and improving individual health care through precision medicine.


  • 01.

    To mitigate the alarming and growing epidemic of vaccine hesitancy locally and globally.

  • 02.

    To transform disease monitoring and pathogen discovery by generating and analysing complex microbial metagenomic data that will bring tangible benefit to human health.

  • 03.

    To draw formal causal inference, incorporating understanding of the underlying biological or physical processes to the control of seasonal and pandemic influenza, and antimicrobial resistance, as well as the surveillance and diagnosis of respiratory virus infections.

  • 04.

    To deliver a new era of personalised pharmaco-surveillance, vigilance and low-cost innovation.

  • 05.

    To deliver massively scalable, cloud-based, generic software tools to harness the power of AI solutions in bioinformatics, biomarker discovery and predictive machine learning.