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Dr Maria Zhu won the 16th “China Young Women Scientist Award”

Dr Maria Zhu won the 16th “China Young Women Scientist Award”

Dr Maria Zhu, a Co-Investigator at the Laboratory of Data Discovery for Health (D²4H), won the 16th “China Young Women Scientist Award” in recognition of her research achievements. She is the only award recipient representing Hong Kong this year.

Dr Zhu’s research focuses on mechanisms that lead to the virus emergence at the human and animal interface. In the past few years, she has identified the zoonotic sources, transmission routes, evolutionary pathways and molecular basis leading to the genesis of multiple severe viral threats to human health.

Dr Zhu is currently an Associate Professor at the School of Public Health of the University of Hong Kong. She is also taking part in one of the key programmes at D24H namely “AI-Metagenomic Platform to Identify Emerging Pathogens”. The Programme aims to exploit new analytic methods using artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can rapidly detect novel pathogens in metagenomic data (more details: https://www.d24h.hk/research_highlight/ai-metagenomic-platform-to-identify-emerging-pathogens/).

Let’s extend our warmest congratulations to Dr Zhu for her accomplishment.

Original news clipping (only available in Chinese): https://bit.ly/30v17AB
Biography of Dr Maria Zhu: https://sph.hku.hk/en/Biography/Zhu-Huachen-Maria

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