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Programme 2

AI-Metagenomic Platform to Identify Emerging Pathogens

Metagenomic data collated worldwide will be combined into a single integrated databank that will be a key resource for improving disease surveillance and control and will be particularly useful for global health agencies such as the World Health Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization and World Organization for Animal Health. New analytic methods will also be developed using AI technology that can rapidly detect novel pathogens in metagenomic data.

Closer to home, researchers will use a novel platform developed through longitudinal sampling of human respiratory infections in the Greater Bay Area and other parts of mainland China and combine that with metagenomic sequencing to investigate causative agents of disease. The knowledge generated ultimately will improve the surveillance, control and treatment of respiratory infections in the region.

Scientific Leadership

  • Professor Yi Guan

    Lead Scientist

  • Professor Tommy Lam

    Lead Scientist

  • Professor Edward Holmes

    Co-Principal Investigator
    Professor, School of Life and Environmental Sciences, and Sydney Medical School, The University of Sydney

  • Professor Maria Zhu

    Associate Professor, Division of Public Health Laboratory Sciences, School of Public Health, The University of Hong Kong

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