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Programme 3

AI-Enabled Causal Inference for Disease Control

This programme aims to develop new methodology for predicting seasonal influenza epidemics around the world, by using global surveillance data and electronic medical records from Hong Kong’s Hospital Authority and elsewhere. Models will be developed to provide reliable predictions of future influenza activity and explore the impact of public health interventions such as travel restrictions and school closures. Moreover, the research team will sequence the genomes of bacteria identified in samples collected from patients and compare the genetic characteristics of these bacteria with their drug resistance profiles. New genes will be identified that determine drug resistance, as well as determine the background factors that influence the appearance of these genes.

This programme will also improve the surveillance and diagnosis of respiratory virus infections in mainland China by using a large dataset of laboratory diagnoses of respiratory pathogens and creating a surveillance dashboard that will provide timely reports of the pathogens circulating in different regions of China. This information will aid clinical diagnosis and management.

Scientific Leadership

  • Professor Benjamin Cowling

    Lead Scientist

  • Professor Gabriel M. Leung

    Co-Principal Investigator

  • Professor Peng Wu

    Co-Principal Investigator
    Assistant Professor, Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, School of Public Health, The University of Hong Kong

Other Project Members

  • Professor Sheikh Taslim Ali

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr Zhanwei Du

    Research Assistant Professor

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